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Happy 2012

Happy new year to everyone and may your dreams come true.


The webcam chronicles

Selfrelativation is a nice feature, just found this lying around on my server… http://www.visualart.be/webcamchronicles


Thank you NASA

Some awesome footage to download from NASA. Kinda reminds us what a teeny weeny bacteria infestation humankind is, in a somehow beautifull way.   http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/Videos/CrewEarthObservationsVideos/#stars_iss_20111022  


So word got out…

Word got out I’m back to freelance, leaving feniks.tv behind. So my apologies for the lack of updates lately since apparently everyone was quite pleased with my decision an flooded me with work. So now things are back to order, (…)


3dsMax Blowjobs

The 3dsMax cloth modifier is a much understimated tool imho. Defenatly since the 2010 version of max where you have an option to “pressurize” cloth objects. So here are a couple of setups to show some possibilities and techniques for (…)

3D Studio Max

Realflow logo splash

Here’s the first in a line of realflow resources. I played a bit with some new features in Realflow 5 being the filter daemon and the container emitter. You will need the latest RF installed ( and the Renderkit plugin (…)


Vray Studio lighting

Some studiolight setups: Some lighttable setups : Being a fan of photography got me into making some sort of toolkit to quickly make studio lighting shots. I know there are a couple of plugins out there but I like things (…)

3D Studio Max

Stockfootage — Snails on a plane !

On popular demand, here’s a collection of Snails on a plane ! Propably the most anticipated collection ever…    Anyhow, the garden was full of crawling of them so took the liberty to put them under my studiolights and play (…)

Royalty Free Footage

Pflow voxelizer

you can download the setups here : 3DsMax 2011+ Pflow Voxelizer Everything returns, even the returns return so here are some pflow setups to “voxelize” an object into 8bit 3D blocks (or custom objects as you will). I got the initial (…)

3D Studio Max

Pflow liquid fx

you can download the setups here : 3DsMax 2011+  liquidfx Here are some basic liquid effects you can do with pflow, alldoh pflow can’t do correct physics by standard, there are some ways to fake certain effects like condensation, splashes, (…)

3D Studio Max

Stockfootage – Skies

This is an ongoing library (depending on the weather of course) of moving clouds & skies. I painted out accidental birds in the speedups, if you still catch one, let me know. For download, after registration there’s a download link (…)

Royalty Free Footage

AfterEffects tips & tricks

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter, so here’s a couple of usefull tips & tricks. 1. When copy/pasting in AE the order of selection is important as one of the annoyances is that AE sometimes tends to put the (…)